Wednesday 12 December 2018

Recipe for disaster: 25pc of people drive when 'very tired'

Tired driver
Tired driver
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

One in four people drives when very tired, a new survey found. And as many as one in 25 have fallen asleep at the wheel.

A frightening number (one in eight) admitted driving with a hangover - and potentially still drunk.

The survey was undertaken as part of a Drive Vauxhall campaign to encourage drivers to think before taking to the road.

Research shows you can show signs of impairment up to 20 hours after consuming alcohol.

Other findings include:

* 10pc of motorists have driven without a seat belt;

* Two in five (40pc) conceded they had broken speed limits by "a little bit" with 10pc saying they had driven significantly' above the permitted levels.

I'm not surprised to see that 10pc of drivers have checked texts and emails when driving. I see that every day.

Yet the majority of the 1,500 who took part in the UK survey consider themselves "very good" drivers, though they reserved a mere 'good' rating for their fellow motoring counterparts. The 18-24 age group see themselves as "excellent".

While it is a UK-based survey, do you think we'd get similar findings here? ecunningham@

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