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Recalls: Takata's 'batwing' airbag inflator to be axed

TAKATA is to stop making a driver-side airbag inflator that has been used in millions of cars recalled for potential faults.

The "batwing" style of inflators is one of those known to have ruptured in cars subsequently recalled.

Millions and millions of vehicles made by some of the biggest names in the motoring business have been affected by the Takata manufactured airbags.

However, the company insists it will continue to use ammonium nitrate propellant in its airbag inflators, despite reports that it was about to stop doing so.

Takata airbag faults have sparked some of the biggest recalls of recent times.

Parallel to the spate of those recalls, new research is being undertaken to find out why some car owners fail to bring their vehicles to dealerships for repairs.

In the US, figures show that 25pc of recalled models are not repaired within 18 months despite companies issuing multiple notices to alert owners of the affected vehicles.

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