Wednesday 24 April 2019

Range anxiety still lives with EVs; KIA's crossover sketch; new role for Des

Des Collins
Des Collins
Kia Ceed Crossover

So range anxiety in an electric car is not quite a thing of the past, judging by the findings of the latest AA survey.

It found that a fear of running out of power is one of the main reasons people will not buy an electric car - not just yet anyway.

Nearly half (48.41pc) of the 3,000 surveyed admitted that current effective driving ranges would put them off purchasing an EV.

And lack of infrastructure for charging would deter a minority of just 12.4pc.

I think the survey is interesting in another way too.

It shows some people are not quite prepared to adapt to a new way of getting around.

Range anxiety is perfectly understandable and applicable where you drive a lot of kms every day and don't want the trouble of charging on a madly frequent basis.

Yet there are people doing 30,000km a year and managing their EVs with minimal fuss.

I think it is getting to the point where people will need to shift their predisposition towards doing more than just 'filling up' on petrol or diesel once a week.

It is a matter of changing in parallel with cars that offer greater range - and confidence in a better charging system.

The EV era is upon us. It's going to happen; indeed it is happening for some.

All the more reason for keeping the onus on government to make sure it does so in proper fashion.

Kia Ceed Crossover

* KIA has teased a first sketch of its new Ceed crossover (pictured).

They say the design, when it is fully revealed, will be 'revolutionary' (yes I've heard it before too).

Gregory Guillaume, vice-president of design says the look will be nothing like we've seen in the stable so far. "This will be the next big surprise from Kia."

* Congratulations to Des Collins (main photo) who has been appointed as a board member of Repak End of Life Tyres (ELT).

Mr Collins joins the board of Ireland's tyre scheme as a manufacturer representative of the industry.

Based in Brussels, he has been Continental AG's director of public affairs since 2012.

He was previously vice-president of European communications, public relations, sales and marketing at Bridgestone for Europe.

He published a well-regarded book on his experiences some years back.

Mr Collins started his career in 1990 as MD of Bridgestone, Ireland.

I frightened the life out of him once in the course of a mad dash around a tyre-test track near Rome. I hope he has forgiven me. I wish him well in his new role.

(Repak ELT is a not-for-profit organisation, working under approval from the Department of Communication, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE). It operates a compliance scheme for the environmental management of waste tyres who have reached their end of life.)

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