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Quick turnaround: some show cars here in no time


Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3

Lexus LF-LC

Lexus LF-LC


Mazda CX-3

We've seen the cars on show. Now when will we see them on the go?

Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota etc showed their concepts and new designs at the recent Los Angeles motor show.

And you know what?

It won't be that long before we see some of them here.

Or traces of their influence in terms of design, technology or power source.

The Mercedes S-Class-based Maybach, for example, is due in July.

It will have a longer wheelbase and is more luxurious than the current range-topping S600 models.

It shows that Mercedes plans to roll out super-luxury versions of several models.

So you will most likely see 'Maybach' on the bootlid of many a Merc over the coming years.

I'm reliably told we could see the production version of the exotic Lexus LF-LC on the road by mid-2016 - that is a quick turnaround. Stunning looking car and shows, yet again, how hard Lexus are working at becoming real stylists.

The 2+2 roadster concept's golden yellow finish at Los Angeles was created by using a multi-layered paint process.

The centre console starts at the rear deck and runs the length of the cabin to the dash.

It is expected to be front-engined and rear-wheel driven (V8 engine and an electric motor with possible 480bhp on tap).

And Mazda's baby SUV, the CX-3 is confidently expected here in the middle of next year.

As we recently reported it is based on the Mazda 2 and is a rival for the Nissan Juke and Renault Capturs of this world.

While it has much the same cabin space, there is higher boot capacity because it is a bit longer.

Mostly front-wheel-driven, they are making 4WDs too.

We probably won't see Audi's Prologue concept for a while but we will get an A9 (Merc S-Class Coupe rival) at some stage in 2016 that will derive from it.

And we'll see echoes of it in future design, especially the headlights and bonnet on other Audis.

We highlighted Toyota's Mirai hydrogen-fuelled car recently and believe it or not they are readying for it in the UK for next summer. Its only by-product is water.

Audi (A7) and Volkswagen (Golf) also rolled out hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in LA.

So watch out for a lot of news on the fuel-cell front.

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