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Porsche Taycan's 600bhp EV: how the race is on - for buyers


Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan

Porsche has revealed some more details about its electric Taycan - expected next year but still being tweaked for production. Already, however, prospective customers are vying to be among the first to own one.

Here's why (partly): The former 'Mission E' concept boasts serious figures as it rivals Tesla and other high-profile electric models (many expected next year too).

For starters, it will pump 600hp of electric performance. And the 800V system can be fully charged in 15 minutes from the brand's network.

The car will be capable of zipping to 100kmh in under 3.5 seconds. It will have two powerful PSM motors - much the same as those in the Le Mans-winning 919 hybrid racer - one for each axle.

The battery pack uses 400 cells each and around 4V flows through them.

They are claiming the Taycan will have a driving range of 500km on a full charge. This explains why well-heeled potential buyers are vying for top slot on the waiting list.

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