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Poor drivers, posh cars, L-drivers, rude drivers, shambles of the EV plan

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Flood of complaints: Drivers need to take more care and think of other road users

Flood of complaints: Drivers need to take more care and think of other road users

Flood of complaints: Drivers need to take more care and think of other road users

We have had a lot of correspondence from motorists on a variety of topics lately and thought it might interest you to see what people are thinking. Obviously it is only a cross-section of opinion, so apologies to the many not included.


You are usually on the ball when it comes to driving behaviour so I have been surprised you haven't mentioned the way some drivers are carrying on during our persistent floods.

They are driving as if there is no water on the roads and are splashing into and thundering through pools as if they are having fun.

Surely we need a message from the Road Safety Authority to warn such drivers about how important it is to slow down.

Deirdre, Dublin


People never seem to realise that they should adapt their driving and their speed to the prevailing conditions.

People in large SUVs especially seem to think they own the road.

When will they get it into their heads that others need to be considered and that theirs is not the only vehicle on the road? It is terrible and frightening during this really wet weather to be almost shunted off the road by these people on narrower country roads especially.

Bernie, Roscommon


Why are we waiting? There is nothing really being done about getting serious numbers of electric vehicles out there as far as I can see.

You mentioned in a recent article that there were only a hundred or so additional EVs bought so far this year over last year. I know we don't have a government but surely this highlights the need for the next one to undertake a complete reappraisal of what is involved.

One million electrified vehicles by 2030? Give over.

It must be one of the biggest jokes in the history of Irish motoring. We'll be lucky to have 100,000 at this rate of going.

Philip, Tipperary


Do people forget they have headlights? I am frequently blinded by oncoming cars whose drivers don't seem to realise or know that their full beams are blinding me and other drivers. I know a lot of new cars have auto headlights now but there are far more old ones that require drivers to do the decent thing.

Joeseph, Offaly


You constantly give advice to people on what cars they should buy but I don't see you driving too many of them yourself. You seem to be driving the most exclusive and expensive models on the market from BMW and Audi to Lexus and Tesla.

Is it a matter of not practising what you preach?

Donal, Louth


You always seem to favour cars that are first-generation Irish registered and you have a serious bias against used imports. If you publish this letter I am here to tell people that even though there has been a hit on older diesels, there are still plenty of good bargains north of the Border. I think that as so-called Motoring Editor of the Irish Independent you have a duty to tell people how and where they can save money. Shame on you for consistently putting a hurdle in the way.

Noel, Monaghan


I enjoy your supplement every week but you need to address the cost involved in buying a new car. I am not surprised the numbers registered so far this year are falling again (and last year wasn't great either). Why would you buy new and pay all that VRT and Vat and then have the value of the car slump over its first, second and third years when you can pick one up for half the new price as a two or three year old? It is time we looked at how hard we are hit as motorists and it is time the industry realised that people are discerning when it comes to spending on such rapidly declining values.

Gerard, Dublin


Electric vehicles are OK insofar as they go but as a west-of-Ireland dweller I will be taking a long, hard look at buying an EV.

Where will I get the beating, for example, of a 2-litre diesel? And where will I get the chance to 'fill up' an EV as quickly?

I'm told by friends you have to queue sometimes to get enough charge to get you home. That's no way to be starting out on the electric era.

Maybe it is time, Eddie, you dampened your enthusiasm for EVs and highlighted just how good diesel power still is. Keep up the good work.

Sean, Galway


As a driver for more years than I care to remember I must complain about the appalling treatment younger drivers get from the broader population of motorists. They show little patience or tolerance for anyone driving a car with an L or N plate.

I have witnessed older drivers hooting their horns or flashing their lights.

These rudes of the road need to be told they were once young and vulnerable too. Will you please highlight it?

Marie, Limerick

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