Monday 19 March 2018

Parents: you are passing on bad habits

Driving instructors say young drivers are picking up bad habits. Photo: Getty Images.
Driving instructors say young drivers are picking up bad habits. Photo: Getty Images.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Driving instructors are well-placed to judge those they teach. So when 92pc of them say young drivers are picking up bad driving habits from their parents or family members, we need to sit up and pay attention - urgently.

A survey of instructors across the UK asked them about the hurdles they have to overcome when young people are learning to drive.

Conducted by Marmalade, which provides insurance for 17 to 24-year-olds, its main finding was that parents pass on bad driving habits to their children.

Nothing startlingly new in that, you might say. And you'd be correct, because it keeps on coming up as a factor, survey after survey. Which suggests parents are doing little to change their own antics and behaviour.

According to the authors, the new study substantiates a previous French survey which found parental influence substantially outweighs that of the instructor.

The French study also claimed dangerous driving runs in the family as the majority of motorists mirror their parents' behaviour.

Marmalade have come up with five tips to help parents. But all except two are useless, insipid and an insult to intelligence. The only two worth mentioning are:

1. They're watching

Your children will have been watching you drive all their lives but much more closely when they take the wheel. Drive how you'd like them to drive.

This is easier said than done and requires renewed effort by us all to improve not just our driving, but also how we treat other road users.

2. Check up

When was the last time you checked the Rules of the Road? You might need to do some study.

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