Monday 17 December 2018

Our loves and hates on the road this Valentine's

Tom Dennigan
Tom Dennigan

We may send signs and manifestations of love and understanding on Valentine's Day, but as road users we can be poor on signalling our intentions.

A 'Sharing the Road' survey, for Continental Tyres, found the lack of signalling to inform road partners of our intentions came tops in the 'most annoying habit' category.

Three-quarters (75pc) of car drivers, 60pc of truckers and 64pc of pedestrians made it their number one criticism. Mobile phone use took second spot (65pc car drivers, 50pc truckers, 61pc pedestrians).

But one in four truckers think car drivers are the most considerate other road user. Mind you, they rate themselves as the most considerate (63pc).

Similarly, 45pc of car drivers feel those in a saloon, hatch or SUV etc are most considerate.

When pedestrians were asked for their ratings, 8.5pc said cyclists, 29pc car drivers and 38pc truck or bus drivers.

However, the road-users' Valentine award goes to bus drivers, considered the safest by motorists, truck drivers and pedestrians.

Tom Dennigan, of Continental Tyres, said many people are multi-users of the road and that familiarity "encourages empathy". "That is one of the strong positives that I take."

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