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Opel's electric van; Audi's PHEV; luxury cars imported

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Opel Vivaro

Opel Vivaro

Opel Vivaro

OPEL's first electric van, the Vivaro-e (pictured), is due here this year. The 75kWh battery provides a range of up to 330km and takes 45 minutes to charge to 80pc (100 kW DC public station). The 50kWh version covers 230km and charges to 80pc in 30 minutes.

Its 1.9-metre height (most variants) means it can use shopping centre and basement parking lots. It will come in three lengths. Spec includes a 7ins t/screen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, head-up display.

* Audi has rolled out the A6 Avant plug-in hybrid. It has a 2-litre TFSI petrol engine and quattro drive. There is a total system output of 270 kW. They claim a 51km pure EV range.

* More than half the top luxury cars in the country are imported. According to experts Cartell.ie, 667 were imported; 517 are indigenous Irish cars. The most popular of the 1,200 high-end motors (including Maseratis, Bentleys, Ferraris, Aston Martins) is the Porsche Panamera. There was a decline in sales of such vehicles last year; 91 registered compared with 135 in 2018.

The Panamera (276 models) is followed by the Porsche Cayenne (258) and Macan (197). There are 104 models of the 911 "live in the current Irish fleet".

Others include 101 Maserati Ghiblis, Bentley Continentals (28), Maserati Quattroportes (25), Bentley Flying Spurs (8).

The top Ferrari is the California (6). Aston Martin peaks with the DB11 (7).

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