Thursday 22 August 2019

Only 7pc of men think other halves are better drivers

Woman Driver
Woman Driver

Neil Lancefield

Women are four times more likely to concede that their partner is a better driver than they are, according to a new study of nearly 25,000 motorists.

Some 28pc of female motorists accept that their other half is more proficient behind the wheel compared to just 7pc of men, a survey for the AA found.

But that does not mean the same proportion of women believe their partners are safer on the road. A total of 37pc of women claim they are the one who is more careful, while 13pc believe that applies to their partner. Only 16pc of men accept that their partner is safer.

"The accident figures still show males are more likely to be involved in crashes," said AA president Edmund King, speaking about the results of the British survey.

"You may be a more confident and sharper driver than your partner, more skilful with manoeuvring, but it doesn't mean the person in the seat beside you shares your self-assurance."


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