Wednesday 18 September 2019

Now's a good time to pick up a tasty used car deal

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Now the first flush of registering new 192-reg cars is over, there is the opportunity for second-hand buyers to browse some potential bargains.

Dealers have fair amounts of stock on their books and will be looking to shift them fairly quickly.

Unsold used cars cost money - in bank interest and maintenance of prime sale condition to mention just two elements.

There are lots of used imports on forecourts too, as you probably know, so the choice before you is as wide as I have seen for some time.

One thing I noticed in checking around the country for prices on a few models recently is the vast difference in what is being quoted.

Yes, a proportion of the difference is directly due to quality of product, mileage, warranty etc.

But there is also plenty of room for you to battle for the best price.

I was taken aback at the price gaps between relatively similar cars from different parts of the country.

Just remember: price is what the market will pay on a given day.

And in an era of online business, you still have to put in the legwork when you are buying a used car.

As always, please try to buy from a reputable dealer.

You have fewer rights if you buy privately.

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