Monday 25 June 2018

Now you can watch your car being scrapped. . . on Facebook

VW Caddy
VW Caddy
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

I KNOW it was pure coincidence but there was a certain irony in Volkswagen Commercials scrapping the first car under its so-called Eco Grant deal.

It just happened to be a 2007 Ford Focus diesel. Nothing like putting the squeeze on a rival.

Not only that but you could watch the poor little Focus meeting its death on Facebook.

The 'eco' deal, in the case of VW Group commercials, applies to any van or passenger car owner who can get up to €4,000 including VAT of an allowance against a new vehicle if they scrap their Euro 1-4 diesel.

The company tells us the first person to do so was Vincent Collins, from Service Matters, with its headquarters in Roscommon, who ordered a 172 VW Crafter van and scrapped the Focus.

The Commercials wing of the Volkswagen Group reports a good year so far and expects the scrappage deal to liven things up for the rest of 2018.

Coincidentally, it also announced an important new version - a Caddy panel van petrol. Yes, petrol. Times are changing.

This is an 85bhp TFSi (petrol) and starts from €14,995 (incl VAT) or €13,995 with the Eco Grant.

The company reckons it is one of a kind on the market for that sort of money.

The brand has its own bank, as you probably know, and it has loaned more than €30m in PCPs to commercial vehicle customers so far this year: 80pc of applications have been approved.

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