Tuesday 24 April 2018

Not so smart with explaining technology; 'shopping experience'; VW's latest plug-in

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The plug-in Volkswagen Passat.
The plug-in Volkswagen Passat.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Lots of people don't know how much about what they have in their cars, how it works or what it can do.

There is a lot of what I'd term 'techno ignorance' of developments in areas of connectivity and infotainment especially.

That would have been my own opinion - one I've held for some time because I'm not the quickest myself sometimes in picking up on new elements.

But a new survey would appear to bear our the fact that sometimes a lot of the bits and pieces we are paying for goes over our heads.

The study says 39pc of drivers are unaware of the connectivity options available to them.

The research, from TNS and the BearingPoint Institute says Audi, BMW and Mercedes head the way in offering easy-to-use connected features.

But 39pc of all car buyers didn't have connected features demonstrated to them when they were buying.

There's a big problem because 80pc of cars are expected to have connected car features by 2020.

The survey says automakers who don't do more to promote systems such as in-car entertainment, navigation and warnings about potential hazards risk customers choosing Google and Apple for that. Ouch!

* Best of luck to Linders Renault & Dacia. They say they are all set to officially open Ireland's first car store at the Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords at the weekend.

They will become "part of the day-to-day shopping experience" they say.


The plug-in Volkswagen Passat - called the GTE - has just arrived.

VW claim the GTE (pictured) can cover 50km on electric power alone.

It has a 1.4-litre TSI engine (155PS) and an electric motor (115PS). The lithium-ion battery is charged as you drive but you can plug in at home/office etc. also to get you a commute distance on electric power only.

They reckon with a 50-litre tank and the battery fully charged you could cover more than 1,100km.

Prices start at €41,450 (saloon) and €43,715 (estate). The price includes an SEAI grant and VRT rebate.

It will be sold at the following outlets: Frank Keane Volkswagen, McAllister Volkswagen, Pierse Motors Limerick, Frank Hogan Limerick, Connolly's Sligo, Newmarket Motors, Blackwater Motors Cork, Wexford Volkswagen and Sheehy's Naas.


Reports suggest Mercedes will have four new electric vehicles by 2020 with the C-Class and S-Class providing the 'inspiration' for such a major development. Surely the

E(electric)-Class was name perfect for it.


The Drogheda motoring festival this year takes place from June 10 to 12. It's the sixth year dealers have organised the event.

Good to hear that there are 16 brands being sold in the town.

An interesting part of the occasion is the Design a Car challenge where pupils from local schools are invited to bring their creativity to bear. More schools are being invited this year.

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