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No hot air with this new breathalyser. Plug-in hybrid for latest Megane


Just here: AlcoSense Elite 3

Just here: AlcoSense Elite 3

Just here: AlcoSense Elite 3

It should no longer be the case of driving under the drink limit; it should be driving without any alcohol in your system.

That's how it should be, according to former racing driver Hunter Abbott.

He is now managing director of AlcoSense Laboratories and was in Dublin this week to show us the workings of the latest generation of personal breathalyser devices.

Called AlcoSense Elite 3, it's designed to let you know when it is safe to drive.

It is easy to use, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and gives an alcohol reading in seconds. It's better than its immediate forerunner, which I reported on here last year, as it has upgraded semi-conductor alcohol sensor technology.

It also has what they call 'deep lung air sampling' for greater accuracy.

The deep lung element is important as you can get a less-accurate reading from a shallow breath area such as your throat or upper chest.

It seems to be easy to use: turn it on and insert a blow tube. As soon as the blow symbol is displayed, blow for approximately six seconds until it beeps.

You'll have your results in a few seconds.

Significantly it will show when any alcohol from the evening before has cleared your system.

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It uses a colour-coded results system which alerts you to when you are near or over your drink-drive limit (even our Irish novice level is computable).

The Elite 3 device automatically carries out a sensor clean each time it is used.

The batteries last for six months or 200 tests, according to the manufacturer.

It costs €89.99 and is on sale in Halfords and Boots.

* A plug-in version of the latest Renault Megane will go on sale here from July.

The E-TECH plug-in technology combines the latest 4cyl 1.6-litre petrol engine with two electric motors and a multi-mode clutch-less gearbox.

With its 160hp E-TECH hybrid engine, the plug-in option will debut on the new Megane Sport Tourer and will subsequently come into the hatchback range.

No prices yet.

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