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No excuses: Ford system cuts speed risk


Ford S-Max speed graphic

Ford S-Max speed graphic

Ford S-Max speed graphic

Soon you will have no excuse for breaking the speed limit.

Ford are unveiling a new system that aims to automatically cut your speed to meet the prevailing limits.

The 'Intelligent Speed Limiter' means you can use controls on the steering wheel to set a maximum speed.

The system, in the new S-MAX people carrier due in Ireland quite soon, uses a windscreen-mounted camera to scan road signs.

When the speed limit is lower than the maximum you have set, it slows the car.

And it allows you to speed up again when the speed limit rises.

The 'Intelligent Speed Limiter' combines current technologies such as Adjustable Speed Limiter and Traffic Sign Recognition.

It works at speeds between 32kmh and 192kmh.

And it uses the restriction of fuel to the engine rather than braking to slow you down.

Irish Independent