Friday 22 November 2019

No comment from Mercedes Ireland over emissions recall

Mercedes: no statement
Mercedes: no statement
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Mercedes in Ireland is making no comment, or has any statement to make, on any aspect of the emissions-related recall by the automaker in Germany.

A spokesman said the firm would not be saying anything as of now on the matter.

The auto giant was ordered to recall vehicles in Germany after two meetings with that country's top regulator failed to clear concerns about irregularities in the diesel emissions of some vehicles.

As part of the German recall, engine software will be upgraded in Vito vans as well as the GLC Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and the popular C-Class.

Europe's Industry Commissioner, Elzbieta Bienkowska, intervened to claim that all 28 EU member states should issue mandatory recalls.

It is estimated that would bring the total number to 774,000 vehicles.

She claimed the "diesel scandal (was) still not over".

She added: "It is really time to make rapid progress on zero-emission cars."

Mercedes is among those setting a fast pace in bringing electric cars to the market, starting next year.

It was reported earlier that the German government had ordered "an immediate formal recall because of prohibited shut-off devices".

The company has strenuously denied cheating on diesel emissions.

However, reports say that by issuing a recall it escapes potentially costlier measures such as fines or a hardware fix.

The age of the cars involved in the exercise is not clear, but there are suggestions that latest-generation models with EU6 emission certification are included.

Mercedes has rigorously insisted that its diesel engine software conforms to EU laws.

There can be instances where it is permissible to switch off the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) filter in diesel engines to preserve the engine.

SCR is designed to help convert nitrogen oxides into diatomic nitrogen and water.

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