Monday 23 October 2017

Nissan hiring 40 trainees to meet skills shortage

Nissan are to hire 40 apprentices
Nissan are to hire 40 apprentices
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

New-car sales may have tapered off a little of late, but such has been the volume of purchasing over the past few years that dealerships and garages face an acute skills shortage.

Nissan have just announced they are now hiring 40 apprentices to help meet their need for skilled labour.

They say the need is driven by the rapid development of technology involved in modern - and future - cars.

With applications open online, those who land an apprenticeship will find themselves in work at local Nissan dealerships across the country "before the end of the year".

The company say they will be "mentored and trained over four years to become qualified automotive technicians".

And there are enticing incentives. The top-scoring graduate, for example, will get:

* a scholarship to pursue a degree in automotive engineering at a third-level institute of their choice;

* a brand new, taxed and insured Nissan to drive for a year.

Applicants should have completed their Leaving Certificate.

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