Tuesday 21 January 2020

New Renault Captur to cost from €21,995

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Renault Captur
Renault Captur
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Renault has just announced pricing and spec for the new Captur.

Prices start from €21,995.

There are three trim levels - Play, Iconic and S-Edition - and a good mix of engines.

You can pick from 11 exterior colours and four roof finishes with a total of 90 colour combinations.

* A few strange elements stand out in a new report on Irish car buying.

Among them is the fact that one-third (36pc) of the population are not aware of the Government's plan that all new cars - stress 'new' - sold in 2030 will be electric only.

I thought everyone knew; there has been such foment about it. How does Minister Richard Bruton feel about that huge gap in awareness, I wonder?

It has been splattered all over the media for more than a year, and reheated dramatically only recently. Strange.

And of those who are aware and took part in the Carzone Motoring Report survey, only 16pc believe the 2030 deadline is achievable.

That is a fair reflection of attitudes generally. Lots more work for the minister, I think.

I thought insurance costs had levelled off or fallen but the report says nearly half of all motorists report their premiums have increased in the past year.

I wonder are people shopping around much at all?

And forgive my ignorance, but I thought people usually borrowed to buy a car; the report suggests otherwise.

It found the main option considered is personal savings.

There must be a good few euro squirrelled away all the same. Partly explaining that phenomenon, I suspect, is a lack of understanding about, and a genuine fear of, finance.

The Carzone report says a quarter of motorists do not have a good understanding of car-finance options.

Regardless of expertise or knowledge of the 2030 cut-off mark, many (70pc) plan to buy an electric or hybrid car in the near future. Exactly how near that 'future' is remains to be seen, but 2030 isn't that far away.

Other findings in the fact-filled report include the revelation that 31pc of motorists change their car every 2-3 years and a fifth of commuters would consider using an e-Scooter for their travel to work.

The report is compiled from data from the 80-million-plus car views on Carzone last year, as well as an in-depth survey of more than 1,500 Irish drivers.

It puts some flesh on the bones of the bare statistics.

The main reason for buying a car is wanting a newer model (30pc), need for a more reliable motor (21pc) or a larger car for a growing family (16pc). More than half (55pc) are concerned about getting into debt.

* Best wishes to Moyagh Murdock, chief executive of the Road Safety Authority, who is moving on to take up a new role as chief executive with Insurance Ireland.

She oversaw a lot of change and was never afraid to speak her mind. I hope she can help bring about as much change in the insurance industry.

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