New plans for green fuel use could push back end of the ICE age

The internal-combustion engine may be with us for longer than we thought. Photo: Getty

Eddie Cunningham

The end of the air-polluting internal combustion engine (ICE) may not be as near as we have been led to believe – if new EU proposals are adopted.

The EU Commission is suggesting that sales of new ICE cars that run only on climate-neutral e-fuels could be allowed after 2035.

That is the final date currently in vogue for sales of new combustion-engine cars to be phased out.

The Commission is suggesting the creation of a new type of vehicle category for cars that can only run on carbon-neutral fuels.

Typically they would include e-methane, e-kerosene and e-methanol in gas or liquid form that are produced from renewable sources (solar or wind power, for example) or decarbonised electricity.

They would have to use technology that would prevent them from driving if other fuels are used, according to Reuters, which has seen the draft plan.

If accepted the proposal could provide a way for car manufacturers to keep selling combustion-engine vehicles after 2035