Thursday 21 November 2019

New Mercedes C-Class Coupe: A head turner for early next year

Head turner: Mercedes C-Class Coupe
Head turner: Mercedes C-Class Coupe
Mercedes C-Class Coupe interior
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

This is the stunning looking C-Class Coupe from Mercedes - and the automaker is lining it up to win buyers of the BMW 4 series and Audi A5.

The coupe debuts at Frankfurt next month and goes on sale for early 2016. Expect a lot of interest in this.

Based on the C-Class saloon, it is bigger and lighter. And Mercedes say it handles better too, but we'll have to wait to see that for ourselves.

While it shares much of the cabin layout and design with the saloon, it is quite striking on the outside with its sharply reclining roof.

Naturally that means less rear seat room and boot space but such is the price you pay for your posh coupe.

Initially there will be two diesels and four petrols. Obviously the diesels (both 2-litre with power up to 201bhp) will be in demand here.

However, the petrols include a 154bhp 1.6-litre 4cyl which is an excellent engine and it just might suit the car. Among the others is a 241bhp 2-litre which should give it a bit of driving spice.

The new Coupe is 95mm longer and 40mm wider. The wheelbase is also longer. That provides more inner space. Mercedes say there is more shoulder, elbow and headroom all round.

It has been a good while since Mercedes has had as good a looking compact coupe as this. It will be interesting to see how it fares and compares with the two key rivals.

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