Friday 24 May 2019

New Corsa is getting tough test against Arctic elements ahead of launch

Under wraps: Opel Corsa
Under wraps: Opel Corsa

Pictured is the heavily disguised next (sixth generation) Opel Corsa being prepared for launch this autumn.

It is getting a tough test as Opel pits it against Arctic elements.

Since January engineers and experts on chassis, powertrain, electronics, lighting etc have been putting it through its paces in Swedish Lapland (40km south of the Arctic Circle).

It's ideal territory for intensive assessment with plenty of frozen lakes and snow-strewn roads on which to try the vehicle out.

In parallel, meantime, pre-production cars are being put to work on test tracks at the Dudenhofen Test Centre.

The Corsa is a vital car for Opel as the popular supermini is expected to play a crucial role in the brand's evolving future.

Incidentally, they estimate the new supermini will be 10pc lighter than the current model.

And there will be a full electric Corsa version from the get-go.

* For the past week, we've had a small avalanche of responses from readers following last Wednesday's report about the lack of information on the level of emissions involved in making electric cars.

Everyone held/holds really strong views on the issue - that's for sure.

Dozens have their own unshakeable theories.

Every second email echoed suspicions of facts being hidden.

Lots have, probably, overstated fears of what is involved.

Many stick to the view that 'EV= green' regardless.

And some accused me of being in cahoots either with, or against, the motor industry. Thanks for your responses. Much more anon.

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