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Saturday 20 January 2018

Motorists urged to beware of 'cowboys' prepping for NCT as horror stories emerge

Cars are given their tests
Cars are given their tests
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

People need to be extremely careful about who they get to prepare their cars for NCT.

I've had several complaints from motorists over the past month about bad work and the extra cost subsequently involved.

But the worst of all was from a man who discovered - at the NCT test centre - that those he had asked in good faith to 'fix' his car had used cardboard and fibreglass to fill holes in the bodywork.

The car had some corrosion and needed work before the owner could take it for the test. The car was not driven until the day of the test.

Unsurprisingly it failed, but you can understand his shock and dismay when the NCT person showed him why: cardboard and fibreglass had been used to fill in the holes. They had charged him €300 for the privilege.

Then he had to get someone else to do a 'proper job'. That cost another €600.

Then he had to get an RSA engineer's report. That cost €250. And he then had to apply for a re-test (€28).

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