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Motoring shortcuts with Eddie Cunningham: Opel's free mileage and buying a car to avoid public transport

Shortcuts with Eddie


Fair range: the new  electric Corsa  from Opel

Fair range: the new electric Corsa from Opel

Fair range: the new electric Corsa from Opel

Opel here has announced a special link-up with independent energy provider Energia to try to simplify the transition to electric vehicles for consumers.

The partnership will entitle Opel customers to a special 'bundle' - including free installation of a domestic charger - when they buy an electrified vehicle.

You would also get a 20pc discount off Energia's 100pc renewable energy supply. That translates into as many as 11,000kms' worth of free driving, they claim. That's a lot of free mileage.

* I've heard it a lot from motor-business people: that many non motorists are thinking of buying a car as a result of their concerns about using public transport in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, according to a report from Carzone, 55pc of non-owners have considered buying one since the crisis began apparently for that reason too.

The research was carried out to examine how the pandemic will impact car buying and selling. The report was compiled after an in-depth survey of more than 1,400 people in May.

Around 28pc say they are still looking to change their car as soon as possible; 35pc will postpone buying until later in the year, while 11pc have cancelled.

More than half (55pc) say their car-buying budget hasn't been affected, 40pc say it has dipped 5pc. Top financial concerns include car values, employment and insurance costs.

* One of the better pieces of equipment on a car is the Exit Warning on the new Skoda Octavia. It is designed to reduce the risk of opening a door just as a cyclist goes by. We've all had near misses on that front.

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