Wednesday 21 August 2019

Milestones racked up for an old and a new marque

1980 110R Coupe type 718K
1980 110R Coupe type 718K

Two names that would have been widely associated in the public mind with the 'bargain' tag reached respective milestones recently.

Skoda, no longer a resident of the 'bargain basement' but a long time previous occupant of the sector, is celebrating 120 years in the business.

Things may not be great for members of the Volkswagen Group at the moment but that shouldn't detract from the Skoda marque's long success. Among the cars they made was the 1980 110R Coupe type 718K (pictured).

Many people might not realise it but Skoda is one of the oldest automotive brands in the world and its Mláda Boleslav factory has been in operation since 1905. It now has annual sales of more than 1 million vehicles.

Meantime, a brand that delights in the 'bargain basement' description is Dacia which, in a little more than 10 years has managed to sell 3,500,000+ cars in Europe.

Dacia Number 3,500,000 - a Sandero Stepway - was sold in England recently.

π Bugatti - another member of the Volkswagen Group - will get at least one more chance to create another supercar.

There has been talk that the emissions scandal might have curtailed its ambitions.

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