Tuesday 24 September 2019

Maeve Barry RIP: a bright, warm light has gone out of our lives

Maeve Barry
Maeve Barry


A bright light has gone out of our lives. Maeve Barry, 'aunt' and 'big sister' to so many of us in motoring, passed away at the weekend.

Maeve was more than a key member of the Hall PR team. She was part of Irish motoring's fabric as her work on behalf of Mercedes, and previously the MDL group, transcended the business of information.

Many with whom I've spoken this week talked of her wonderful ability to make everyone feel special.

There was a bond, a respect and a professionalism all wrapped in with the sincere warmth of her personality.

She had a wonderful life, adoring her two daughters, her extended family, friends and work. And she had a tough life, losing her husband at a young age and one of her daughters two years ago.

Heartbroken by the latter, she battled courageously on several fronts, selflessly encouraging many who needed support to keep going, to hope for better.

I'm in danger of investing too much emotion in these few words so I'll just leave it at that.

If the likes of me and many others are so affected by her passing, we can only imagine how great her family's sorrow must be.

They have our sincerest sympathy. She will never be forgotten.


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