Thursday 24 January 2019

'Macho' ads driving men and women from brands: study

'Macho advertising is driving people away'
'Macho advertising is driving people away'
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

A new study on car advertising suggests some brands are far too macho in how they promote their products.

The in-depth study claims it found a "huge disconnect" among women and men as a result.

In effect, it claimed that macho advertising is driving people away.

The only thing is - and it is purely anecdotal - but I would have thought that the vast majority of ads I see, on TV especially, are targeted at families.

But the research insists it found a substantial 92pc of consumers felt it was "too masculine".

And as many as 77pc of women said they were put off buying as a result.

Conducted for Auto Trader, the research says that 87pc feel "increasingly disconnected from car marketing".

Almost three-quarters (73pc) argue that car adverts "personify gender stereotypes or are directed to appeal exclusively to men".

Half (52pc) felt all industries, not just motoring, had "hyper-masculine adverts" that they found "patronising".

It goes on and on.

But is it the case in Ireland?

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