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Lover is the worst person to have as front-seat passenger, study reveals


Partners can be the most stressful front-seat passengers.

Partners can be the most stressful front-seat passengers.

Partners can be the most stressful front-seat passengers.

Your partner is your most stressful front-seat passenger.

And 'the mammy' isn't too far behind.

That's what drivers have told the authors of a new survey.

It discovered that one-in-three drivers found their partners to be the most- stress-inducing occupant of the front seat. Mind you a substantial one-in-five bestowed that accolade on their mothers.

And mammies came in for even more criticism when those aged between 18-24 replied. More than half of them pointed the stressful finger of blame at the female parent. The survey, for Done Deal, examined the driver attitudes and behaviour of Irish drivers.

Other interesting insights including the discovery that 76pc still use the radio when driving, despite the prevalence of music streaming services.

Only 2pc said they use the latter more than radio.

And 6pc don't bother to listen to anything at all while they are driving.

But those who do tune in are prepared to be democratic and 69pc allow passengers to choose the type of music they want with every second song.

Fewer than one-in-five (18pc) insisted on keeping total control of what was played but only 12pc gave passengers free rein.

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The research also found that three out of four owners will choose a second hand car for their next car purchase.

Not surprisingly, I suppose, that proportion increases to 90pc for those in the 18-24 year-old bracket.

When it came to the car brand they'd prefer to have for the rest of their lives, Toyota came out on top with 13pc of the vote.

Audi and Volkswagen came in second and third with 11pc and 8pc respectively.

Cathal Cremen of DoneDeal says: "This survey really highlights the importance of the second-hand car industry in Ireland with three out of four respondents saying they would buy second hand with their next purchase."