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Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq

Car-value expert Gillian Keogh teams up with Motoring Editor Eddie Cunningham to help you make the right choice with your next purchase. Gillian is Editor of a monthly guidebook on the values of used cars produced by the Motor Trade Publishers team. The team supplies a car-valuing service to the motor trade, insurance companies and finance houses.

My wife has a 12-reg Skoda Superb, 2.0, TDI 170bhp Elegance model (172,000km, 20,000km/year). Full service history. I reckon it is worth €11-€12k. Using €11,500 as approximate figure as a deposit, the monthly PCP repayments are €360-€380. The Guaranteed Minimum Value figure is quoting me a final payment of €15,800. I reckon the Kodiaq, even depreciating at a fast rate of €5,000/year over three years, would be worth at least €18-20k depending on mileage, condition etc.

My quandary is should I go again on PCP but with not as much of a deposit or pay the final balance and own the Kodiaq? I have a policy maturing in 2021 of approx €16,000 so I'd be able to clear the balance. We only have one child but go to matches/training, outings etc so the seven seats would be handy as there are always friends on board. I know it is three years down the road but I recently saw a friend of mine, who went over by a lot on his mileage on PCP and lost big time on his GMV. I have to go into a dealer yet for concrete figures but some advice in advance of going in with my thought plan would be appreciated.

Gillian: Going from a Superb to a Kodiaq is a sensible move, so do that anyway. The Kodiaq will hold its value well so the PCP could work well for you. Your friend did "go over by a lot" and so the issue wasn't the PCP but his lack of understanding of the penalties for going off plan.

I think you are overvaluing your Superb at €11,500. This is what someone might pay for one from a dealer after servicing and warranty. I would be working off a figure of around €8-€9k as your deposit, bringing up your expected monthly repayments.

With just one child, would you consider spending a little less and looking at the new Skoda Karoq? A 1.6 diesel model starts at €29,950. With plenty of storage compartments, space up the front and a decent boot, I think it's a worth a look.

Eddie: I don't think you need a 7-seater but if you want one the Kodiaq is the way to go given the minimum premium for the third row. I'm delighted with your question because it shows you are thinking ahead and not too many people do with PCPs, I feel. I'd talk to your dealer on what they can come up with that approximates your current expectations. Gillian is being honest about her valuation; take that into account. My instinct is to go PCP and do the same next time around as well. But do more detailed sums with the dealership so your repayments don't vary much over the next five to six years.


My wife drives a 2013 diesel Nissan Qashqai which I am told has a trade-in value of approx €10,000. So we have a total budget of €35,000. She does about 24,000km/year and we are thinking about a Peugeot 3008 SUV this time. She needs a 5-seater but doesn't like driving cars bigger in size than those I have mentioned because of city parking. Would be interested in whether or not you think the Peugeot 3008 is a good choice and if so what model you would recommend. We had been thinking about getting a petrol this time because of concerns about what might happen with price of diesel and trade in value of diesel cars in the future.

Gillian: The 3008 is a sound buy I would recommend; spacious but compact sized externally. I love the interior; it's got quality. The 1.2 litre petrol engine is selling well. But you drive 24,000km/yr so you should be buying diesel. The 1.5 diesel starts at €29,160 for the base model Access but I suggest you use the budget you have and opt for the higher spec Allure for €32,800. There is a lot of fear around buying diesel these days but if you are a diesel driver, you need a diesel car.

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The annual road tax of the diesel is just €10 cheaper than the petrol and the new diesel price is €1,950 more than the equivalent petrol spec. While diesel prices are falling more dramatically, you are looking to buy a popular model and are already limiting your loss to some extent.

Another option is a petrol hybrid. It will offer you extra savings on fuel over a petrol but, unfortunately, the 3008 isn't currently available as a hybrid. But do bear in mind, that when you sell on you are most likely to have a higher than average odometer reading for your reg plate. An option here is the Kia Niro Hybrid starting at €29,095 for EXL model.

Eddie: Diesel 3008 SUV or Niro Hybrid. Can't steer you much better than that.


My son is at university. I need to buy him a car. I have a budget of €6,000 and I wonder should I buy secondhand or use the €6,000 to fund a new car on PCP? What advice would you offer me?

Gillian: Personally, I wouldn't suggest buying a new car for someone of university age. Assuming it's his first car, I would suggest getting a reliable used car that's relatively cheap to own and run.

A PCP will entail further monthly payments, which perhaps he (or you) won't want to pay along with college fees. He is probably hoping for a big engine, high-powered rocket of a car and doesn't care too much about year and I get that, but it will cost more to run and cost him some extra nights out of fun.

So here are my suggestions: Ford Fiesta 1.0, Mazda2 1.3, SEAT Leon 1.2. The first two are can be hard to find in a small hatch. You should be able to a 2011 for both in a choice of spec and colour to suit. I think the Leon might be the best option. Nice size engine and you might even get a 2012. It is an older shape model, but a nicer shape in my opinion. Might not be too many of these around however.

Eddie: My extra suggestion would be, predictably, a Honda Jazz.


I am looking to buy a 5-seater to fit three gangly teenagers - 13, 15 and 17 - in the back. So, the car can't have a hump in the middle of the floor and must have enough leg room in the front passenger seat for my husband of 6ft 2in. At the minute, I drive an Opel Astra estate (340,000km). We tried to hold onto it for as long as we could. I probably drive in the region of 30,000km a year and my budget is around €15-16k with trade in (even though not worth anything). I like the Hyundai ix35, the Nissan Qashqai, the Seat Ateca (don't think I can afford it), Kia Sorento and Citroen C4 Picasso.

I like something high up as I have put my back out before just getting out of the car that was low down. I have looked at the cars up North as they seem to be cheaper even after paying the VRT. What would you advise? I am conscious my eldest will want to go to college in another year so I want to keep the loan repayments down.

Gillian and Eddie: Unfortunately yes, your current car isn't worth much so let's stick with the budget of €15/16k which brings us onto another unfortunate piece of information: the SEAT Ateca is out.

The Qashqai is the best value of the others and you will find a 2015 plate in a happy SV spec. The Citroen will allow you to come up a year into 2016 if you go for the 5S but if you are thinking of the 7-seat model then your back to a 151/152 and we'd prefer the Qashqai. The Kia is another 7-seater but you'll never get the use of the third row of seats with three tall teens. The Hyundai ix35 is discontinued and, while the leg room might suit, the headroom isn't all that great.

A real contender should be the Honda CR-V which is spacious both front and rear without costing you any boot space. It's big and one you should consider. You should find a 141 model in budget in the base SE model but the ES is a good one.


I'm driving an 08 Avensis D4D, UK model, 145,000 miles. It's driving about 15k annually commuting. We're looking for a 4dr not more than four years old. Budget €10,000 excluding trade-in.

Gillian: So, you need a 151 or newer saloon for around €11/12k. You don't do crazy mileage so a petrol would work, but finding one of these in a 151 will be near impossible. So let's stick with diesel and start with an Opel Insignia. Stretching right to the limits and perhaps a little over it will get you a 152 last of the old shape 1.6 diesel in the popular SC spec. Look for one with average kms (around 75,000); many were bought as company cars and can rack up some huge kms.

After that, how about a Hyundai i40 as its still a current model and great value also? You would be hoping for a 141 for the money but in reality it might need to be a 131/132 for the nicer spec Executive model. Go for a good spec over plate as that's where the real benefit is when a car is around the €10k mark. I wouldn't rule out a Skoda Superb in a similar age. Its values have dropped purely because of recent reduced interest in the 4d saloon market and so would be a real bargain.

Eddie: Seems to me you would thrive in a Toyota Prius hybrid on your mileage.


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