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Longer distance from latest Zoe for €26,990


Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Renault's latest electric Zoe 50 (pictured) has arrived. It has a claimed range of 395km, a revamped cabin and exterior to go with it. Prices start at €26,990 for the entry-level of three trims (Play, Iconic, GT Line).

Renault says the Zoe is the "most affordable electric car in Ireland". I'm sure that will be challenged as will the claim it can save you €9,000 "versus other long-range electric cars". How you prove it is another question.

For those of you thinking of but not yet going to either test drive or buy for obvious current health reasons, here are some facts to peruse:

* There is a more powerful 52kWh battery;

* And a new R135 (135hp) motor alongside the current R110 (108hp) one;

* A 10ins TFT instrument cluster is standard as are Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and full LED headlamps;

* The new version can use a fast 50kW direct current (DC) for the first time;

* And it can add 145km in 30 minutes.

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