Wednesday 29 January 2020

Little brother to show new i20 how it's done

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

WHEN I drove Hyundai's heavily revamped i10 city car some time back one of the areas that really impressed was the cabin, writes Eddie Cunningham.

More specifically it was the quality of material, simple layout and decent comfort. By all accounts the new i20, its larger supermini brother, will follow suit. And we're told the cabin will be among the roomiest in class.

The new i20 - pictures finally revealed this week - is built on a new platform and has a 2,570 mm wheelbase (45mm up on old one). They claim best-in-class front and rear legroom as well as boot capacity (326 litres).

It will also be, it claims, the only one to have a panoramic sunroof. That will be optional as will an integrated rear-view camera and LED lighting.

It debuts at Paris in October and poses a strong challenge to the likes of the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta. It will come as a 5dr initially, with a 3dr expected later.

Expect the 1.2-litre (83bhp) petrol to be the biggie here though there is a 1.4-litre (89bhp) diesel.

And don't be surprised if there is a 1-litre 3-cyl from little brother i10.

Audi aims high with revised A7

AUDI's revised 4dr Coupe A7 is due in October and will cost from €67,550 On The Road (OTR).

The sizzling S7 starts at €113,450 OTR.

It has a seriously frugal 3-litre V6 diesel (they claim 4.7l/100km or 60mpg) and emissions from 122g/kmh (€270 road tax).

LED headlights are standard, there are new tail lights and they've improved the infotainment and décor in the cabin.

New transmissions, and greener engines include two petrol and three diesels (from 218bhp - that's the 60mpg version - to 333bhp).

At the other end of the scale is the 4-litre TFSI petrol (450bhp and has COD (cylinder on demand) technology.

The 3-litre TDI (320bhp) BiTurbo has an 8spd tiptronic transmission (all the otjers have 7spd S-Tronic transmission).

Front-wheel-drive versions now get S-Tronic which replaces the multitronic CVT transmission.

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