Wednesday 23 January 2019

'Limited' number of Teslas in recall here

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Tesla can't yet say how many Model S vehicles in Ireland are affected by the company's voluntary recall to retrofit an element of the power steering.

The recall involves cars built before April 2016, so it is expected that the numbers involved here will be limited.

However, exactly how many is unknown at time of publication.

In a letter to customers outlining the reasons behind the voluntary recall, Tesla say they will "proactively retrofit a power steering component" in all Model S vehicles that were built before April 2016.

It explains how they have observed "excessive corrosion in the power steering bolts" - only in really cold climates but particularly those that "frequently use calcium or magnesium road salts, rather than sodium chloride (table salt)".

The company plans to replace all early Model S power steering bolts in all climates worldwide.

Meantime, it adds: "If the bolts fail, the driver is still able to steer the car, but increased force is required due to loss or reduction of power assist."

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