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KIA's new Sportage crossover due here in January


KIA Sportage GT Line model

KIA Sportage GT Line model

KIA Sportage GT Line model

KIA's Sportage is one of the most popular crossovers on the road - and now we're told the new one is due here in January as pictures of the latest model are made public.

There will also be a GT Line model - pictured - in the spring.

The fourth generation of the car, described as 'all-new' will debut at Frankfurt on the 15th of September.

The biggest change in looks is how the headlamps sit higher on the bonnet and stretch back quite a bit.

The interior is also expected to represent a step-up in quality of design and materials.

While a brand new 4cyl petrol will debut in it, there is little doubt the upgraded 1.7-litre CRDi diesel (113bhp) will be the one in demand here. There are two versions of the 2-litre diesel (134bhp, 181bhp) as well.

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