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KIA promises 'amazing' electric vehicle news in the near future

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Kia e-Soul

Kia e-Soul

Kia e-Soul

KIA is promising "amazing" electric vehicle news in the near future - most likely when the most severe phase of the coronavirus lockdown has passed.

But it is being tight-lipped about what it has in store despite risking being accused of hyping or "teasing" us.

The company's senior US-based communications spokesman declined to give further detail on the disclosure during a Facebook Q&A with World Car of the Year Awards jurors this week.

James Bell, director of communications in the US, did say that meantime they have something "fun" coming next month. Again no detail but there is obviously an abundance of vehicles awaiting disclosure.

James told me that current restrictions are making it tough to launch new vehicles.

"One thing we know for sure is that we do not know. [But we are] confident that we are in this battle for the long haul and [we're ready] with new cars and SUVs."

Among those are the new Optima and the recently revealed Sorento, reported on here a few weeks back.

In answer to another question of mine he agreed that the motoring business has "changed forever" with customers now looking for a more "online/digital sales experience".

There was talk of a sizzling Sport version of the e-Soul (urban World Car of the Year) but Mr Bell said there are no plans for one. That's when he promised "some amazing EV news" in the next few months. He added, cryptically: "Electricity can be 'electric'!"

The brand's Telluride SUV was voted World Car of the Year but will not be sold in Europe: "We have been unable to satisfy demand here in the US."

He also, personally, believes the "global car" era is drawing to a close due to growing demand for individualisation: "There are just too many local market considerations such that the economics of such a project becomes onerous."

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