Tuesday 22 October 2019

KIA picks right moment to unveil two new electric vehicles here

Bright spark: KIA e-NIRO
Bright spark: KIA e-NIRO
Eye-catching: KIA e-SOUL
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

KIA picked an opportune day to officially launch two electric cars onto the Irish market.

It coincided with the Government's plan to electrify our cars to the virtual exclusion of everything else.

The e-Soul and e-Niro are contrasting characters. The e-Soul is funky and eyecatching - I like it a lot - while the e-Niro is a bit bland, by comparison, in some respects.

Here are the essential bits on battery, range and price details: The e-Soul has a 65kw battery pack and a claimed range of 452km. Entry-level costs from €35,995; higher trim from €37,495.

The e-Niro has two battery options: 39.2Kw (289km range) and 65Kw (455km).

The lower-range costs from €33,495; the long range €37,495.

Against the backdrop of the new plan, it was interesting to hear KIA's James Brooks ask a few pertinent questions: Where will the money come from for all the new EVs? What about the billions of euro foregone on excise for petrol and diesel cars - fuel and repairs?

He also pointed out that it is still selling loads of diesel vehicles in the short term - especially in rural areas.

Demand for the e-Niro and e-Soul has been greater in the past six weeks than all of 2019 to date.

Like all automakers, it better get used to such demand.

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