Thursday 19 April 2018

Key tips to staying safe if you a get flat tyre on a major route

Stay safe when you have a flat tyre
Stay safe when you have a flat tyre
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

It is bad enough getting a flat tyre, but far worse is the risk to you and your car from passing traffic.

The Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) is rolling out what it calls its REACT initiative, designed to keep tyre fitters and repairers safe while carrying out their work on motorways.

But the ITIA also has a short checklist for drivers to stay safe on a motorway or national primary route if they get a flat.

They include:

• Parking as near as you can to the left-hand edge of the hard shoulder. If you can't, you should warn other drivers by switching on your hazard warning lights.

• Contacting the gardai if there is a roadside phone - this lets them know your exact location. Many insurance policies now have a breakdown assistance service.

• Not placing any device such as a warning triangle on the motorway. Wear a high-visibility vest (you should always carry one in the car).

• Not walking on the motorway. Leave your car through the left-hand door. Make sure your passengers do the same. Leave animals in the vehicle if possible.

• Waiting for help on the embankment side of the road, well behind any crash barrier.

• Using an inflator kit, if your car has one, instead of a spare wheel. Now (not when you need it) might a good time to make sure you know how to use it - safely.

New ITIA chief Donal Dempsey said: "Motorists need to be mindful of the vulnerable position they may find themselves in when they get a flat tyre on a motorway."

He added that tyre technicians working on the roadside face danger from passing traffic.

"The ITIA believes professional training is required to ensure the safety of these technicians," he said.

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