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Keep clean to see and be seen; sticker price; a tyre for all seasons; losing those grammes


Keep your car clean

Keep your car clean

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Keep your car clean

They say cleanliness is next to godliness.

In car terms it goes hand in hand with safety.

I've received a lot of complaints here lately about cars with dirty number plates.

I've seen some myself with the numbers completely obscured by dirt.

If there's that much grime on the car itself, the chances are you've got dirty lights, windscreens etc too.

And one way or the other all of that affects the ability to see or be seen.

I'm risking being accused of being commercial on this but the comments from readers, my own observations and a message from Maxol did happen to coincide, believe it or not.

Maxol tell me they have just put together an extensive new range of items - 11 in total - designed to keep your car in not just cleaner, but safer, condition.

The range includes all sorts; you may or may not need the lot of them but I can see plenty of use around me on the road everyday for some, certainly.

There really is no excuse for streaky windows and dirty head/taillights.

* It was fascinating to hear senior Mazda people talk again about what they call their 'gramme strategy'. Basically they will go to great lengths to shave just a gramme off a car. Nothing is too small or insignificant. It all adds up - or down. Wish I could be so diligent in shedding some kgs.

l It is frightening how quickly everything moves in the motor business. Already they are talking about a 2018 facelift for the Ford Mustang Convertible.

It is to get a sharper new look, and the new technology and 10spd automatic transmission in the Coupé.

* Our weather is, to say the very least, changeable but you can't go changing tyres every time there's a plunge or surge in temperatures can you?

Michelin claim they have an answer to the dilemma and will soon roll out (no pun intended) 15ins to 18ins versions of their CrossClimate+ tyres.

These are designed to cope with, and counter, our changeable weather and road conditions.

Michelin say the tyres manage to combine ability for dry and wet braking in summer conditions, for example, as well as the braking and traction needed on cold, icy roads.

* Just raising a possible flag here again. It follows reports that drivers heading into the Paris region from April 1 (I don't think it's a Fools joke) could have to order an anti-pollution sticker for their windscreen online as part of a new campaign in the French capital to improve air quality.

The stickers are called 'Crit'Air' and fall into six categories - from zero emissions vehicles to diesel cars, vans or trucks.

Apparently you could be fined if not showing the sticker.

* Back to tyres. A recent investigations (by TyreSafe) found just four of the 67 used tyres inspected met legal regulations.

Of those, 58pc had defects "impairing their safety, including poor repairs, structural damage and age-related deterioration".


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