Saturday 15 December 2018

Jaguar claims electric I-PACE will be capable of 45-minute charge

Jaguar i-Pace
Jaguar i-Pace
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Jaguar's electric all-wheel drive SUV, the I-PACE, will have a 45-minute fast charge facility when it goes on sale later this year, the company claims.

But whether or not such capacity will be on tap from the start here is not clear.

The new car will be officially unveiled in a live global broadcast on March 1, when pricing is expected to be announced.

It will make its motor show premiere at Geneva on March 6. The car is due in Ireland late June or early July.

It is currently being performance tested in Arctic conditions at -40°C.

Their claim about the rapid charging claim needs a little context. They say it will be capable of charging from zero to 80pc in less than 45 minutes, using a DC 100kW charger.

However, it is reported that the UK hasn't the infrastructure to deliver on that - and won't for a while. I just checked here and Tesla's superchargers manage up to 120kW, but as of now no other manufacturers have access to their network.

They have said in the past they are willing to talk to other manufacturers "if they make a car which can take the power in the way that the supercharger delivers it". So for now that's a no, but as a spokeswoman told me: "We are open to discussions."

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