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In the know: on batteries for hybrids


Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

THE lifetime of the batteries in hybrid vehicles is a question that comes up from readers on an ongoing basis.

The response to a recent query on batteries by Volkswagen on those in a plug-in hybrid prompted a further specific enquiry on the Toyota Prius.

So we recently contacted Toyota Ireland for some details and here's what spokesman Ian Corbett told us. Hope you find it helpful.

"The hybrid battery is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

"One of the myths about hybrid is that the batteries don't last for long.

"We have examples of the Toyota Prius being used as taxis in Canada and Sweden that have accumulated more than 500,000km.

"There are examples in Dublin with high mileage as well.

"Like all vehicles it should be regularly used. When and where we have seen a maintenance issue it has usually been where the car has been not used for a long time.

"If a customer has a concern about the battery, a Toyota dealer can carry out a Hybrid Health Check that will highlight any potential issues.

"The cost of a Prius (2004-2009) hybrid battery is approximately €2,000."

Do you own a high-mileage Prius or any other hybrid for that matter? If you do let us know how many miles/km you have on the clock and your experiences with the car. ecunningham@independent.ie

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