Sunday 18 February 2018

Impossible to use car jacks; still texting at the wheel

Manufacturers should provide a proper wheel jack
Manufacturers should provide a proper wheel jack

Eddie, I have just read your very sensible article about the spare wheel. I agree 100pc and thank you for raising the matter.

Why don't they just provide a proper wheel that can be used anytime just like in days gone by?

Now, another matter. I recently helped a lady to change a wheel after a puncture.

I can testify that using the 'scissors' jack provided in cars is almost impossible.

I would say it is definitely very difficult for a lady or eldery person like myself to use.

I am sure you know the jack I am referring to.

Surely in this day and age the manufacturers can provide a proper jack that can be used easily.

Also, I think an extendable wheel-brace should be standard in any car as it is very difficult to get any proper leverage when loosening the nuts which invariably are stuck fast.

Once again thanks for highlighting this matter. Common sense is often forgotten.

Jim, Dundalk

Eddie, I know you frequently highlight things in your columns but there seems to be no end in sight to the use of mobile phones at the wheel.

I know this is becoming a bore but the more boring it becomes the more dangerous it is likely to be.

Me and my family have watched in amazement at the blatant use of phones on motorways especially - as people are cruising.

Is there nothing that can be done?

Laura, Limerick

Eddie, I notice people are as bad as ever at dumping stuff after stopping for a snack or rest at a lay-by.

The condition they leave those places in is a disgrace. I feel sorry for those coming after them or those who have to clean up. It is a bad reflection on our country.

Michael, Tullamore

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