Friday 20 September 2019

Import bias; Hybrid test; EV sham; Drink-drive; VRT snub

A garda carrying out a breath test (Stock photo)
A garda carrying out a breath test (Stock photo)
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie, I enjoy your Advice Desk, but you are definitely biased against imports. Why? They mean low-priced cars instead of expensive ones if there were no vehicles coming from outside the state. I thought you were on the side of the consumer?



Eddie: I am not biased. I only point out pitfalls, and did so for all purchases - home and imports - last week. Here at Motors we're independent by name and independent by nature, believe me.


Now we're coming to Christmas, we're going to hear the same old words on drinking and driving.

I hope they put thousands of gardai out on checkpoints (above), but we need to go beyond Christmas to show how serious we are. Will we? I don't think so.




Your recent report on driving a diesel Skoda Octavia and a hybrid Toyota Auris was good and bad.

It showed up how both drivetrains have a place in the future of motoring, as you said.

I accept that, but by no means was it scientific; nor did it warrant the sort of coverage it got.

You should have made it equal quantities of fuel, not equal cost of €20 (which you pointed out yourself).

Full marks for trying, but could do much better.




You talk a lot about electric cars and the poor infrastructure. Surely those in power know about it as well but couldn't be bothered.

I live in rural Ireland, but my mileage is low so I could buy an electric car. I was nearly buying a second-hand Nissan Leaf for a few thousand, but I said I wouldn't until those who are supposed to take the lead, and are paid for it, do so.

Sorry, but I'm sticking with my gas-guzzling 2-litre saloon until I see real change.

And I think a lot of people are in the same way of thinking.




All this electric talk annoys me. Only for Tesla and the Volkswagen scandal, the big automakers wouldn't give a hoot about the impact on the environment.

They'd still be planning on making huge profits from old diesels and petrols while electric cars would be seldom mentioned.

They are just doing what they are told, and they don't want an upstart like Tesla to rule the electric world.




Your coverage of motor insurance, by the excellent Dorothea Dowling, is highly informative and detailed.

I know it's an old cherry now, but maybe something will be done.

We are paying far too much, and talk of recent reductions is a bit misleading. I know of cases where people are paying more. It is excessive.




I was going to change my new car in the new year, and even though my dealer says the brand is absorbing the 1pc VRT surcharge, I'm going to sell my four-year-old diesel privately and buy a two-year-old Audi A4 diesel import.



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