Sunday 20 January 2019

I want an automatic Golf. Should I be concerned about the DSG models?


Toyota Auris Hybrid
Toyota Auris Hybrid

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I have a Volvo V40 Cross Country automatic 2013. It's a lovely car, but the automatic gearbox seems to hunting to find out what gear to be in.

I'm disappointed. In the past I had a 2007 Golf TSi 1.4 auto, which great to drive. Only issue was the gearbox. I've been told the DSG gearboxes are notoriously troublesome in the petrol models.

I'm thinking of changing back to the automatic Golf. Should I be concerned about the DSG models? Not mad about the diesels. I do about 18,000km a year on the motorway.

Aidan: A diesel car might suit you better if your motorway jaunts are spent driving, not sitting in traffic. At least think a bit about it and drive a new Golf with the latest diesel engine. You might be pleasantly surprised. Even the petrol version will feel very different to the old model you had.

I've always been fond of the DSG gearbox. It's a slick system and manages different driving behaviours and styles excellently. Volkswagen improves upon it with every iteration, too. Given the choice, I'd take the DSG over a manual.

Eddie: At 18,000km you can justify petrol, diesel or hybrid. But you don't like diesel, so petrol or hybrid (automatically automatic) are real alternatives. I'd add a Toyota Auris hybrid to your short list. That way you get a non-diesel automatic. I like the Golf, but I think you should try the Auris too.

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