Sunday 20 January 2019

I don't want to spend much more than €20k and I don't want a new car. Any suggestions?



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I drive a 2011 520d Series BMW. The car has low mileage (50k) and  it's a lovely drive, but I'm finding it difficult to take my toddler and newborn in and out of it, and the buggy etc in and out of the boot. I also have a dog who can't come anywhere with us.

I desperately want a car that is more baby-friendly and unlikely to cause further damage to my back.

Safety is paramount to us, so a good, solid car is important.

I don't want to spend much more than €20k and don't want a new car.

Any suggestions?


It's going to be tough giving up your premium brand, so start with a lovely BMW X3 20d XDrive SE automatic.

Stick with BMW dealers as you get two years' unlimited-mileage warranty.

If you want to maximise your budget further, then look at a Mazda CX-5 in Executive SE trim; the 2015 models will cost a little more than €20,000 but not by much and I think you are better future-proofing your car needs by buying the younger car.

Lastly, look at the Honda CR-V. The 1.6-litre diesel ES model is the way to go.

Again, 2015s are worth the minor additional outlay in the grand scheme of things.


I am totally against stretching your budget but if you did so ever so slightly you might get into a lovely 151-reg 2 Series Active Tourer (people carrier).

That way you stay with BMW and you get a purpose-built family car that has good room all round and should lower the risk of aggravating your back because it sits moderately high.

I think it ticks a lot of boxes for your situation.

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