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Hybrid Camry here next year as Toyota phases out Avensis


Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

It is hard to believe that 14 years have passed since Irish people could buy themselves a brand new Toyota Camry.

It has been genuinely missed - it was always such a poised motor to drive. I liked it because it had a level of refinement that few in its segment could match back then.

Now the large family/fleet motor is coming back, and it will be on sale across Ireland in the second quarter of next year.

It will effectively replace the long-serving Avensis, which is being discontinued, though it is important to remember that the Camry is a larger car. A spokeswoman for Toyota Ireland told us: "In line with our ceasing of diesel production for passenger cars in the European market, we have also decided to cease production of the Avensis."

Times are changing fast, as this statement shows.

The power source for the eighth-generation Camry will be a self-charging, 2.5-litre hybrid electric powertrain.

Around 19 million Camrys have been bought to date, prompting Toyota to call it the world's best-selling large saloon.

The new car is based on the firm's new global architecture platform, which is also used on the Prius, C-HR etc.

Toyota assures us that driving dynamics have been specifically tuned for European buyers.

I'm glad to hear that. I drove a Camry in the US late last year and it was terribly soft on the road.

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Potential buyers can register their interest on Toyota.ie now, where the company promises regular updates up to the time of the launch.

And, of course, we here at Independent Motors will keep you in the loop too.

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