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Monday 23 April 2018

How we fare well at NCT emissions tests - and diesels do best

Petrol cars are outstripping diesel ones in test failures.
Petrol cars are outstripping diesel ones in test failures.

Most of us seem to be making sure our engines are running cleanly for the NCT, figures show.

But the number of petrol cars far outstrips diesels in failure in the full test, the NCT statistics reveal - as you can see from our illustration.

NCT emission tests are different from those at the centre of the Volkswagen scandals. They are governed by a different set of regulations.

Nonetheless, the number of petrol cars not making the grade first time around is a lot higher than diesels, which appear to be faring well.

It is worth remembering the numbers are quite small when you consider the volume of cars tested every year.

So far this year, there have been 1,286,588 full tests with 665,316 re-tests.

Main reasons for failure remain as they have been for years: Front suspension, tyres, incorrectly focussed headlamps, brake lines/hoses and brake lights.

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