Wednesday 21 February 2018

How top five problems are pushing up cost of driving and testing your car

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

The same items keep coming top of the NCT fail list – and are certain to be adding to the cost of keeping cars on the road.

A quick review of the major ‘fails’ over recent years will quickly reveal a relentlessly similar list of the top reasons cars fail their roadworthiness test.

It must be possible for drivers to save themselves money by getting these failure areas checked out and repaired on a regular basis.

Not only would that save on a possible €28 NCT retest fee, but it could make cars a good deal safer and easier on fuel.

The fact that the same items keep repeating themselves (sometimes in different order) suggests car owners are:

l Using the NCT to uncover what repairs are needed rather than going to a garage first.

l Then getting the faults fixed and paying for a retest (if NCT equipment is required to check).

l Letting their cars fall into a low level of repair between tests.

l Paying little heed to online guidance from the NCT people.

The top-five first-time failures last year were:

• Front suspension

• Condition of tyres

• Brake line/hoses

• Brake lamps/lights

• Steering linkage.

While some of these need technical equipment to repair, the condition of tyres or damaged brake lights should be obvious to anyone.

Recent research showed that more people are spending less on repairs. They are just about capable of budgeting for running costs of a car, but are unable to make any provision for any out- of-the-ordinary repairs.

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