Tuesday 20 March 2018

How new smartwatch will control your car

Volvo XC90 has the Sensus infotainment system
Volvo XC90 has the Sensus infotainment system

YOU will soon be able to control elements of your Volvo from your smartwatch.

An update of the Volvo On Call app, based on the Sensus infotainment system from the XC90 (pictured), is to be released by the end of this month.

Drivers will be able to set heater timings, control settings as well as find their vehicles in car parks - and unlock them - from their wrist.

Volvo say the app will also have a better sat nav system - and you can send routes from your watch to your car.

The Apple Watch, Android Wear, iPad and Windows Phone apps with Cortana voice control will all be compatible with the new On Call version.

Meanwhile, a vibrating steering wheel that could save lives by alerting dozing drivers will be on the market quite soon.

Microchip giant ARM say they have developed a special camera which, in monitoring a driver's eyes, can detect when someone is nodding off.

The device, positioned beside the rear-view mirror to scan a driver's eyes and check "blink rate" for signs of fatigue, sounds an alarm and sends pulses through the wheel.

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