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Horror with road rage; madness in the rain, smoking at the wheel


One reader is shocked at the level of abuse on the road. Photo: Getty Images.

One reader is shocked at the level of abuse on the road. Photo: Getty Images.

One reader is shocked at the level of abuse on the road. Photo: Getty Images.

Reader raise issues including road rage and whether it is more dangerous to use a phone or light a cigarette while driving.


I just had to contact you about the level of abuse on the road.

I recognise that other readers have highlighted it over the months and years but I think it has worsened. I really do.

Last Monday I was just about to enter a roundabout in north Dublin when the fellow behind me in a Subaru lifted me out of it by blaring the horn and flashing the lights.

He also gave me the two-fingered sign. I was, I admit, flustered.

He was truly rude, because when he passed me he repeated his insulting behaviour.

Two minutes later on the motorway a young woman flashed her lights at me as I was safely overtaking a slow-moving truck. She kept flashing her lights.

But when I pulled back in to the inside lane what did she do? She followed me in there.

So why was she flashing in the first place?

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I'm in my late sixties and have never had an accident in my life.

But now I am getting fearful of the level of angst and bad-tempered drivers on the road.

I hope you can publish this.

Denis, Dublin

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You wrote last week in your excellent '161-Supplement' about what to do when driving in the rain.

There was a lot of common sense in it, as usual, but these past few days I can tell you the advice was honoured more in the breach than the observance.

As a former teacher, I am a great believer in advice being repeated but I am close to giving up and I'll tell you why.

Nobody pays any heed because they are all too occupied with themselves.

There are exceptions of course, the people who will let you out of a side-road and the considerate ones who slow down to let you in front.

But most of them are bloody-minded and selfish, as well as being dangerous into the bargain.

In the rain and wind this past week they drove like it didn't matter about how their splashing disrupted others.

I am close to despair on this, but keep up the good work.

Noel, Kildare


Here's a question for you and all the other so-called experts.

Which is more dangerous: using a mobile-phone when you are driving or lighting a cigarette when you are at the wheel?

There are a lot of smokers out there as far as I can see, and I have seen some over the past few weeks lighting up, or trying to light up as they tear along at 60mph.

I'm not saying being on the phone is safer but maybe you could highlight how shocking it is to be carrying on like that with a lighter?

Marianne, Tipperary


I am bamboozled with all the signs on the roads around Dublin especially on the west side.

I have to go up once a week to visit a sick relative. It can be confusing.

Signs are supposed to be for those who need guidance most; not those who use the same routes everyday.

Can we not make it clearer in advance that you go left or right and not have people like me panicking at the last moment?

I'm talking in particular about the big roundabouts/junctions after Lucan and at the Red Cow.

The sign for going north off the Naas Road is nearly a secret.

James, Westmeath.