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Hopes of a bumper July but it's quiet in the showrooms so far


This year registrations will be 95,000

This year registrations will be 95,000

This year registrations will be 95,000

IT may be the calm before the buying storm but dealers are reporting slow sales in the build-up to next week's 142-registration period.

It is only a few days away but buyers have yet to show themselves at the garages.

Dealers say they expect sales to increase significantly for 142-regs next Tuesday (July 1) but so far there has been just a low-key, steady trickle of orders.

That is unlike last year when there was an atmosphere of anticipation and almost feverish pre-ordering of 132-reg cars.

Industry chiefs tell me they have no doubt that the buyers will come out in large numbers and will likely push sales past last July's total.

Yet there is an eerie silence around showrooms. A number of garages felt like the old Julys before we had the double registration period to perk up interest.

And yet sales for June are up 19pc for the first 20 days of the month (1,191 v 1,000). Last year they fell off a cliff.

And commercials (LCVs) are 32.3pc up (430 v 325) reflecting a healthy sign of economic recovery.

Year to date, car sales are up 24pc with commercials running 37pc ahead. But the big hope in the industry is that the surge of last July will at least be replicated next month.

Sales in July 2013 shot up to 10,247 (only 3,570 were sold in the corresponding month in 2012).

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