Tuesday 20 March 2018

Here are the things you really, really want in your next car

Price is the main consideration for new car buyers
Price is the main consideration for new car buyers
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Mostly the car you buy is a matter of taste, preference and your circumstances.

Naturally those change with the years, the cars and the requirements (family etc).

A new piece of research has attempted to nail down in a more scientific fashion the factors that influence us - or are influencing us right now.

And I think it has thrown up some surprises.

The research, by a new-car buying platform in the UK called carwow (yes carwow) will raise a few eyebrows as it turns a number of preconceptions on their ear.

It discovered that the 10 most important considerations for new car buyers are:

1. Price

2. Fuel economy

3. Colour

4. Insurance cost

5. Safety

6. Performance

7. Manufacturer

8. Size

9. Quality

10. Engine size

James Hind, the agency's chief executive, says they were "most surprised" to discover that performance, brand and design fell some way down the list of top consideration.

Yet colour, which, he says, hardly gets a mention in car reviews (not true, I often mention it) is the third most important factor.

What are your top considerations when going to buy a car? Let us know which factors you think are important: ecunningham@independent.ie

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