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'Heap of c**p': Irish woman’s attempt to flog ‘worst car in the world’ on DoneDeal goes viral


The 2003 Renault Megane which Lorna hopes to sell for €650

The 2003 Renault Megane which Lorna hopes to sell for €650

Lorna's advertisement on DoneDeal.ie

Lorna's advertisement on DoneDeal.ie


The 2003 Renault Megane which Lorna hopes to sell for €650

An Irish motorist has posted a surprisingly honest advertisement on DoneDeal.ie in an attempt to sell her “heap of c**p” Renault Megane, which has been viewed by thousands of potential buyers.

Lorna O’Connor placed the 2003, 1.4-litre hatchback up for sale last month in Limerick and “the worst car in the world” has since been viewed more than 21,000 times on DoneDeal.ie.

“It’s a complete let down. I need rid of this as I’m down to the last of my sanity and near a serious mental breakdown. I don’t know if anyone will buy this heap of crap but I won’t know until I try to sell it either as a whole car or for parts. I haven’t washed it as it doesn’t deserve it,” Lorna wrote.

The NCT on the vehicle has been up since January 2015 and the car failed its most recent test due to a faulty wire in the wipers.

“In 2012 the engine seized in it. In 2013 the gearbox went and there has been a knock-on effect since,” she wrote.

Since Lorna purchased the car five years ago she has had to change the car’s gearbox, alternators, fan belts, the timing belt, catalytic converters, inner tie rod ends, ball joints, brake shoes and pads, keys, fuel line and pumps.

The car has had its tires replaced in recent months.

“The passenger window doesn’t work. It is the bane of my life. I need a divorce from it or I’ll end up in a mental institution. I dread bringing it to a mechanic as no sooner do I hand it in for one item something else goes,” Lorna said.

The vehicle is on sale for €650 and Lorna revealed that her description probably made it the world’s most upfront advertisement.

“This is probably the most honest ad ever,” she said.

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